Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Greyhound Safety

Before I started fostering with NLGA, the idea of a loose/lost pet was never on my mind because both my weimaraners are trained to stay near or have good recall. But greyhounds are never to be trusted off leash. So with the addition of a greyhound foster, I have stepped up security.

I've always made sure the gate is closed. The type we have can only be opened from the inside. This has made me feel safe since most people are not tall enough or can't figure out how to open it. A few weeks ago a city worker came by to install a new water meter without any prior notice. I had let the dogs out from the basement and then heard the doorbell ring. At the same time, Debbie ran around the house to the front door(part of her zooming routine). I totally freaked out and raced to the top worried that the gate was left open by the city worker. Thankfully he had latched the gate closed, but this gave me a wake up call. I have now put in not one, but two carabiners into the gate latch to keep it closed for good:

With all the foster greyhounds I use an additional attachment connected to the collar and leash just in case the snap ever fails on a walk:
I also make it a habit to check that the martingale collars are on tight enough and have no tears.

A greyhound should have ID on at all times in case they ever get loose. I've ordered a collar ID for the fosters through Dave Engraves because I don't like jingling tags, and martingales are only used for walks due to the risk of choking. I've put NLGA's number and my cell on there. I also ordered the same ones for the weims.

I hope this reminds you to check and double check everything because it only takes one mistake and your beloved pet or foster is lost, hurt or worse.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Potty Dance

One of the best qualities of adopting an adult greyhound: greyt potty habits. All of my past fosters have been very easy. Debbie is no exception. She goes out every 4-6 hours during the day and holds it for 9 hours overnight. We usually exit out the walkout basement doors and Debbie always does a little potty dance where she'll head straight for the door then turn around and walk towards me, then back to the door again. Sometimes she'll disappear downstairs and when I go looking for her, she'll be waiting by the door asking to be let out. Debbie is one smart cookie! <3

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

18 Weeks

Hello Fanz, Debbie back again. Foster mommy wanted me to tell you sorry for no posts lately. I'ves been in foster home for 18 weeks and a few days. Mom tells me time flies having me in da house because I yam so much fun.

I'm happy it is warming up again so we can go on our 30 min walks on the trails in the neighborhood. Foster mom is a baby and won't go if it is under 15 degrees. But I run hot and walking in the cold doesn't bother me.This is prolly because I raced in Rhode Island for many years instead of the warm south. In fact, mom stop making me use the annoying snood because I was getting too warm with it on. I love reading pee mail and leaving lots of them too. I only walk with Lucy because foster mom can't handle three big dogs( the weims like to pull her, not me I yam perfect). After we girlz are done she walks Leroy alone and I don't like that so I whine a bit and yam happy when they get back.

I loves to sunbathe. When the sun hit the couch and walls I stand by it and wonder how to get it on me. Foster mom laughs at me when I do this because I have not figured out how to climb up on the couch like the weims (and she doesn't show me hows because NLGA want hounds to stay off furniture). So I lay on the dog bed and wait for it to hit the floor. Then I get first dibs where I want to lay because I yam da queen.

Well I yam off for a fun walk, so bha-bye.

Foster mom: How can that be comfortable?
Me: Eye use toy as a nice pillow, see I'm smart.
Mom: Uh, you're gonna get a kink in that beautiful neck.
Me: I am part giraffe so no worries.