Tuesday, January 12, 2010

18 Weeks

Hello Fanz, Debbie back again. Foster mommy wanted me to tell you sorry for no posts lately. I'ves been in foster home for 18 weeks and a few days. Mom tells me time flies having me in da house because I yam so much fun.

I'm happy it is warming up again so we can go on our 30 min walks on the trails in the neighborhood. Foster mom is a baby and won't go if it is under 15 degrees. But I run hot and walking in the cold doesn't bother me.This is prolly because I raced in Rhode Island for many years instead of the warm south. In fact, mom stop making me use the annoying snood because I was getting too warm with it on. I love reading pee mail and leaving lots of them too. I only walk with Lucy because foster mom can't handle three big dogs( the weims like to pull her, not me I yam perfect). After we girlz are done she walks Leroy alone and I don't like that so I whine a bit and yam happy when they get back.

I loves to sunbathe. When the sun hit the couch and walls I stand by it and wonder how to get it on me. Foster mom laughs at me when I do this because I have not figured out how to climb up on the couch like the weims (and she doesn't show me hows because NLGA want hounds to stay off furniture). So I lay on the dog bed and wait for it to hit the floor. Then I get first dibs where I want to lay because I yam da queen.

Well I yam off for a fun walk, so bha-bye.

Foster mom: How can that be comfortable?
Me: Eye use toy as a nice pillow, see I'm smart.
Mom: Uh, you're gonna get a kink in that beautiful neck.
Me: I am part giraffe so no worries.


  1. Hi Debbie
    You do sorta look like a giraffe. Enjoy the warmer weather. We are.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  2. Thanks for writing, Debs. Your adoring fans have missed you! You will find a great home soon, I'm sure. Who could resist those adorable ears and that flexible neck!