Thursday, September 24, 2009

3 Weeks

Hello All,
Debbie here, Foster mom asked me to do another blog post because everybody loves my last one geez, i gotta do everything around here.

I've been a berry good girl. I choose which dog bed to sleep in, sometimes I tell my foster bro and sis to back off, cuz it is MY space. Foster Mom thinks she is in control, but I noes I'm the boss here. I've got her wrapped around my little paws. Like if i want a treat I come up to mom with my "pretty please" eyes and snuggle into her and SIT; she immediately goes to the pantry and gives me a crunchy snack(peanut butter kookie or duck breast please). I also tell her to walk me at the school field every night because the grass is nice and soft on my paws. I get all the good chews and toys here. Mom laughs every time I do zoomies around the back yard; so i always show off my skillz daily to hear her chuckle. She sometimes goes away for a few hours and I stay in the kennel patiently waiting until she comes home to serve love me again.

I've got greyt potty habits, I hold it all night long no problem. I rarely ever bark, only to tell the weims to do something. These Weims are such pushovers good listeners, whatever I tell them to do, they do! *laughs maniacally*
Those stairs are super easy and I goes up and down all the time by myself; but I dunno why there are no more treats on the stairs???

So if you want a bossy, super sweet, smart, confident, beautiful,and happy Diva; then come get me! Meanwhile I'll be enjoying my reign time over here.

p.s. mom wanted me to tell you all that I would be good as a single greyhound or a chipped greyhound household.

p.p.s. i loves cheese!!!

Nitting my little blue bear

Enjoying a yummy cow trachea

Please stop that flashy thing so i can enjoy my cow trachea in peace

Lots of blankies/pillows on closet floor--makes a greyt kennel!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 Weeks

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since we've had Debbie in the house. Time really flies with this sweet girl. She's figured everything out, even the dreaded stairs. She goes up without hesitation; going down still requires treat bribing and patience before she goes.

Debbie does well on lead, the only issue are her corns, which makes it uncomfortable for her to walk on hard surfaces like cement or roads. She shows no sign of discomfort when walking on carpet or grass. Learn more about corns here.

She is the biggest cuddle bug! Throughout the day she approaches me and likes to plop her head in my lap for pets or to cuddle/spoon <3 I tell my DH all the time that whoever adopts her will be so lucky! We're thankful and blessed to be fostering Debbie.

Who can resist this adorable face?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

NLGA Picnic

Hello All,
Debbie here to tell you about my fun filled day! Foster Mom and I went to the NLGA Picnic. It was packed with greyhounds of all sizes and colors; I was the bestest looking hound there :) Enjoy my pics!

There was lots of shopping to do

I was loved on by so many people! Here is a little 3 year old hugging me.

It was a hot day so I cooled off in the pool

Gilley Girls performed for us!

Foster mom bought me a Frosty Paws, yummy!

This is pretty Zinnia, she's available for adoption.

This is handsome Half-Time, he's up for adoption too.

It was a hot and fun afternoon...Me back a home...zzzzzz

Friday, September 11, 2009

Love Bug

Debbie is the biggest lover! She loves to be near you, getting pets/rubs, and will come running when you call her name. Yesterday I was laying on the ground (I hang out on the floor w/ the fosters often since NLGA ask that we keep fosters off of the couch/bed in case their future family wants it that way) and she comes over, lays down next to me, puts her head on my shoulder, and I wrap my arms around her...she stayed as long as I wanted to spoon with her. *swoon* She'll also look at you with her soulful eyes and give her paw if you stop petting her.

Debbie is a very intelligent girl. It took her only a few short minutes to understand "sit" and "down" with a treat lure! Sometimes when I'm training Debbie her teeth chatters for the treat, it is so cute and funny! On the other hand, she still refuses to practice the stairs. I don't like to push her, so we'll make daily attempts but go at her pace.

Some pics from the past few days:

Resting after playing w/ her ball

I kiss you!

Debbie: what u want mom?
Me: Uh, those are MY new sweatpants. You've been caught red handed!
Debbie: I thought you got 'em as a prezzie for me, nomm nomm nooomm...
Me: It's a good thing you're so cute, otherwise I'd press charges.

What she does best

Monday, September 7, 2009


Debbie is settling in nicely. This girl is a huge love bug; she loves attention/pets from DH and I. She likes to keep an eye on me and follows me around the house (just in case I wanna love on her or hand out a cookie). She's a confident girl and doesn't get startled by vacuums, loud noises, or the baby gates falling(in fact, she usually is the one pushing them over, lol!). I'm having a difficult time teaching her to use the stairs, she just shuts down when we get to the steps, be it going up or down. We live in a one level house with stairs to a walk-out basement, so there is no NEED to use them, but it is important she learns for her future home. Hopefully she'll take to them soon.
She is no longer obsessed with her reflection in the mirror but still tries to look behind the TV to see where the sounds/reflection is coming from. She is still adjusting to my Weims; she sometimes likes to control them, but is quickly learning to live with her foster siblings.

So far Debbie is good with: teeth brushing, sharing her personal space with me, sleeping through the whole night in her kennel without a peep, playing with toys, stealing/hoarding pillows and blankets, zooming around the yard, eating, responding to her name, and best of all, roaching!

Cute roach pics:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Greyt Informative Videos

Here is a wonderful collection of videos from about greyhounds and the adoption process. Greyhounds are sweet, sensitive, easy going dogs that quickly adapt to home life. If you would like to open your heart and home to Debbie or another greyhound in the Twin Cities area; contact NLGA for more information or to view their adoptable pets.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome Debbie!!

Our newest foster is Debbie. Her racing name was ICU Lil Debbie. Not too much to report yet since it is the first day, but she is definitely a huge lover and even started playing with toys right away! She's obsessed with her reflection in the mirror (how vain) and is having a hard time with the stairs, but we'll work on that. We're glad you're here sweet Debbie!