Saturday, November 28, 2009

Green Homemade Toys

I made the dogs homemade toys today. This is a good way to reuse plastic water bottles. You could by a "Bottle Buddy": But they usually sell for around $7. Once they're done you could insert another bottle, or recycle it.

Materials: Leftover fleece and water bottles:

Sew a sleeve and insert bottle:

Tie off the ends and you've got a greyt toy:

Debbie gave it 4 paws up!

She loved the crinkly sound it makes

These are best for light to medium chewers, and for less than 25 cents per toy, you won't feel bad if they "kill" it...Lucy obliterated 2 within a few mins...crazy weim.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet & Mischievous

I just had my 3rd daily spoon/cuddle session with Debbie. I know I sound like a broken record, but Debbie is soooo sweet. I love cuddling with her. She'll come up and plop down right on my lap, or if I'm laying down, right next to me. I'll rub her all over and if I stop she'll gently paw for more...*swoon* She's so tolerant of my affections, she'll even let me blow raspberries on her bare tummy!

FYI, Debbie LOVES cheese. I was reheating some leftover spaghetti pomodoro and left a block of parmesan cheese as far back as possible on the counter because Lucy's a surfer. I leave the kitchen for 1 minute and came back to Debbie chowing down on the cheese as fast as possible on the dog bed in the living room. I race over and pick up the large chunks falling out of her mouth, pry her jaws open and took out the huge block. Luckily, she got very little. No fresh grated parm for me tonight. Silly girl, all I could do was laugh and kiss her adorable face. I can't resist her beauty and charm, could you?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Debbie is doing greyt. She recently had her thyroid checked because she has dark skin pigment and is losing some thigh fur. Both results came back normal, so I guess she just likes to be a tan baldie.
She's grown very fond of Lucy (it seems like all the fosters know who the cool kid, sorry Leroy). She constantly likes to start play fights with her and I've caught her nitting Lucy.
Debbie has been enjoying the nice weather and of course being served nose and paw.

If you have not been to the Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption page lately, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the many beautiful greyhounds available. Check them out and bring home an amazing 45 MPH couch potato... Debbie tells me she is the best one ;)

Sunbathing pics from today:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Foster Bro's B-day

Hello everybody, Debbie here to tell you about my Saturday.
It is my foster bro, Leroy's B-day. He is an old fart and turned 8. We didn't care for the party hats and just wanted the cake. Foster mom kept on using the flashy box when all three of us were telling her to get to the yummy stuff! I'm sure he got prezzies, i don't care what they are, i'll probably steal 'em later since i am da queen around here...
We all finally did get some yummy cake...*drools* I go see if there is any more left over, bha-bye!

Here is da birthday boy

I'm not interested, give me cake!

Da "goose"