Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Boutique

Hello fanz, Debbie here again to tell you about the Northern Lights Greyhound Holiday Boutique I went to today. There were so many hounds and humans and so much stuff! There waz tons of collars, winter gear, toys, hats, treats, calendars, books, cards and so much more for you to come and buy for your hounds and loved ones.
If you were not cool enuf to attend the first day, no fear, they have another one on Dec. 19th, so bring your hounds and shop! They even have hot cider and cookies to snack on.
Everybodyz there was swooning over me because I am so pretty in my purple "adopt me" vest. I showed off my sit and down skillz for some fanz and tried to steal some screaming monkeys. It was hard work so I am going to take a siesta. Hope you enjoy all the pics my foster mom took! Bha-bye!