Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Not to mention any names(cough-Lucy,cough-Leroy), but with aggressive chewers in the house, most toys are destroyed within a few mins. We don't have baskets and baskets of toys but we do have a selection of tennis balls, racket balls, kongs, ropes, cuz, and a few tattered stuffies.
Which toy does Debbie go nuts over?
Not just any, there are two specific ones that she claimed for herself. There is a small square memory foam, and a neck memory foam. She especially loves grabbing one(or both) right when we wake up. Debbie is very polite and always waits until we get out of bed before starting her crazy play session. <3

FYI, Debbie is really good at sleeping through the whole night without a peep until we wake up at 7:30. I like her to be comfortable and stretch out so she is not crated, unless I leave during the day.


  1. She is one smart girl going after the good stuff! I love those pillows so she has excellent tastes:D.

  2. "I have to use this pillow. My chiropractor said so."