Saturday, November 7, 2009

Foster Bro's B-day

Hello everybody, Debbie here to tell you about my Saturday.
It is my foster bro, Leroy's B-day. He is an old fart and turned 8. We didn't care for the party hats and just wanted the cake. Foster mom kept on using the flashy box when all three of us were telling her to get to the yummy stuff! I'm sure he got prezzies, i don't care what they are, i'll probably steal 'em later since i am da queen around here...
We all finally did get some yummy cake...*drools* I go see if there is any more left over, bha-bye!

Here is da birthday boy

I'm not interested, give me cake!

Da "goose"



  1. Happy Birthday Leroy.
    Did you get cake? Hope so.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  2. Happy late Birthday Leory! You are such a handsome boy:D. Hope you enjoyed your cake!