Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Debbie is doing greyt. She recently had her thyroid checked because she has dark skin pigment and is losing some thigh fur. Both results came back normal, so I guess she just likes to be a tan baldie.
She's grown very fond of Lucy (it seems like all the fosters know who the cool kid is...lol, sorry Leroy). She constantly likes to start play fights with her and I've caught her nitting Lucy.
Debbie has been enjoying the nice weather and of course being served nose and paw.

If you have not been to the Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption page lately, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the many beautiful greyhounds available. Check them out and bring home an amazing 45 MPH couch potato... Debbie tells me she is the best one ;)

Sunbathing pics from today:


  1. debbie on that blankie is very cute. That's cute that Lucy's the cool kid too lol

  2. By the smile on your face, you must be dreaming of yummy treats.
    Enjoy your sun nap.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. Oh Debbie, i wish I could be sunbathing with you right now! At least I would be warm:D.

    Don't over do it, ok?