Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet & Mischievous

I just had my 3rd daily spoon/cuddle session with Debbie. I know I sound like a broken record, but Debbie is soooo sweet. I love cuddling with her. She'll come up and plop down right on my lap, or if I'm laying down, right next to me. I'll rub her all over and if I stop she'll gently paw for more...*swoon* She's so tolerant of my affections, she'll even let me blow raspberries on her bare tummy!

FYI, Debbie LOVES cheese. I was reheating some leftover spaghetti pomodoro and left a block of parmesan cheese as far back as possible on the counter because Lucy's a surfer. I leave the kitchen for 1 minute and came back to Debbie chowing down on the cheese as fast as possible on the dog bed in the living room. I race over and pick up the large chunks falling out of her mouth, pry her jaws open and took out the huge block. Luckily, she got very little. No fresh grated parm for me tonight. Silly girl, all I could do was laugh and kiss her adorable face. I can't resist her beauty and charm, could you?


  1. Cheese eh? (eh is canadian for 'huh'), sounds like Earl his short lived success absconding with the marinated pork roast.

  2. We love cheese Debbie. You have to learn to chew and swallow really fast, to hold onto your prey.
    Love Ruby & Penny