Monday, September 7, 2009


Debbie is settling in nicely. This girl is a huge love bug; she loves attention/pets from DH and I. She likes to keep an eye on me and follows me around the house (just in case I wanna love on her or hand out a cookie). She's a confident girl and doesn't get startled by vacuums, loud noises, or the baby gates falling(in fact, she usually is the one pushing them over, lol!). I'm having a difficult time teaching her to use the stairs, she just shuts down when we get to the steps, be it going up or down. We live in a one level house with stairs to a walk-out basement, so there is no NEED to use them, but it is important she learns for her future home. Hopefully she'll take to them soon.
She is no longer obsessed with her reflection in the mirror but still tries to look behind the TV to see where the sounds/reflection is coming from. She is still adjusting to my Weims; she sometimes likes to control them, but is quickly learning to live with her foster siblings.

So far Debbie is good with: teeth brushing, sharing her personal space with me, sleeping through the whole night in her kennel without a peep, playing with toys, stealing/hoarding pillows and blankets, zooming around the yard, eating, responding to her name, and best of all, roaching!

Cute roach pics:

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