Thursday, September 24, 2009

3 Weeks

Hello All,
Debbie here, Foster mom asked me to do another blog post because everybody loves my last one geez, i gotta do everything around here.

I've been a berry good girl. I choose which dog bed to sleep in, sometimes I tell my foster bro and sis to back off, cuz it is MY space. Foster Mom thinks she is in control, but I noes I'm the boss here. I've got her wrapped around my little paws. Like if i want a treat I come up to mom with my "pretty please" eyes and snuggle into her and SIT; she immediately goes to the pantry and gives me a crunchy snack(peanut butter kookie or duck breast please). I also tell her to walk me at the school field every night because the grass is nice and soft on my paws. I get all the good chews and toys here. Mom laughs every time I do zoomies around the back yard; so i always show off my skillz daily to hear her chuckle. She sometimes goes away for a few hours and I stay in the kennel patiently waiting until she comes home to serve love me again.

I've got greyt potty habits, I hold it all night long no problem. I rarely ever bark, only to tell the weims to do something. These Weims are such pushovers good listeners, whatever I tell them to do, they do! *laughs maniacally*
Those stairs are super easy and I goes up and down all the time by myself; but I dunno why there are no more treats on the stairs???

So if you want a bossy, super sweet, smart, confident, beautiful,and happy Diva; then come get me! Meanwhile I'll be enjoying my reign time over here.

p.s. mom wanted me to tell you all that I would be good as a single greyhound or a chipped greyhound household.

p.p.s. i loves cheese!!!

Nitting my little blue bear

Enjoying a yummy cow trachea

Please stop that flashy thing so i can enjoy my cow trachea in peace

Lots of blankies/pillows on closet floor--makes a greyt kennel!

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  1. Debbie you are too cute! I've missed a lot of your life cause we were on a trip--but you are quite cute indeed:D. I hope you find your forever home soon:D. I also hope that my foster would get along with his foster brother--so far, no dice. Sadness--I'd totally keep him if I could.